Do Any of These Sound Like You?

  • ONLINE BUSINESS OWNER who’s building their business, and wants consistent monthly income.
  • EXPERT IN YOUR FIELD with a product or service you are ready to scale for income and impact.
  • HIGH POWERED PROFESSIONAL who is ready to to create their own legacy and invest in themselves and leave their 9-5.
  • BUSTLING ENTREPRENEUR who wants to grow
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Prefer a One-on-One Approach?

  • DO YOU dislike group coaching?
  • ARE YOU ready for quick results & custom strategy?
  • HAVE YOU tried coaching programs that failed?
  • DO YOU have a limited amount of time to execute but want big results?
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Private Coaching with  

Private Coaching is for clients ready to JUMP into 7-Figure Years.


In Your Private Coaching Package, We Will Accomplish the Following Together:

  • Sell your. Offers with ORGANIC and Paid Marketing
  • Create a Viral Social Media Strategy for (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Clubhouse, Pinterest, and MORE)
  • Raise Your Prices/Profit Margins
  • Create and Launch Low to High Ticket Offers
  • Scale your Business and Hire

What You Get:

  • Unlimited sessions with Coach T during the term of your coaching agreement.
  • All of Coach T’s digital content for the term of your coaching agreement (details below).
  • Priority Access to any offer Coach T releases while working together -- including VIP days, Accelerator Openings, Live Seminars etc.
  • Unlimited daily WhatsApp support.

Meet the undisputed authority in helping entrepreneurs scale by selling out before launching without paid ads using THE LUCRATIVE PRELAUNCH METHOD™


Business Strategist Coach T and team transform overworked entrepreneurs into consistent multi-6 and 7 figure CEOS by teaching them how to leverage organic marketing , grow their audience, and build content that converts, and scale their businesses.

These methods work for both service and product based businesses. Their success has been featured on ABC, NBC, The Business Insider, Barcroft TV, and other leading national and international publications.

Coach T is not only a Business Strategist but has a strong legal background in Commercial Law. She is also a mother of 4 and a fur mom to two.

In addition to running a coaching company, Coach T has been committed to ongoing philanthropic work that assist homeless in the District of Colombia, Virginia, and Maryland.

Private Coaching with Coach T Investment

Full Payment


Pay in Full for 6 Months




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Email: [email protected] for the application 

One final word.


If you’ve made it this far you’e wondering if this program will change your business forever.

The good news for you is that I don’t believe in convincing clients they should work with me. I’m a results-based coach. The results of my clients, from mindset to money matters, speak for themselves, while my entrepreneurial journey and empire speak for me.

Despite all that, what matters is how you feel, and that you know I am the coach to take you to the 7 & 8-figure level.

If you know you need something different, something impactful, something no-nonsense, I'm confident you will find Coach T Business Strategies' Launched Entrepreneur Business Accelerator or Private Coaching is where you need to be.

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