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How to use PR to Boost Your Sales This Summer

Let me teach you the #1 way to grow your brand, get sales, and build recognition overnight.

The Unknown to Internationally Known PR Masterclass will show you step by step how to boost your visibility without relying on paid ads ever again!


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The Public Relations for SALES Workbook

All LIVE attendees will receive the workbook that will provide guidelines, templates, processes, and checklist to taking your PR game to the next level.

What You’ll Learn:

# 1 Why NOT having a PR strategy is Costing you THOUSANDS

Public Relations for most entrepreneurs sounds like a luxury. It’s not, It’s essential and it's costing you big money to not have a PR plan. In this lesson I’ll share how to find the per PR opportunity for you business whether you want to get featured in an article, get on a top downloaded podcast or lan a spot on a show.


#2 Getting Featured as an NEW business

Maybe you have a product or service you plan on launching soon, but are in the industry and missing the testimonials you need to skyrocket. In this lesson I’ll cover exactly how to position yourself for PR as a NEW business to land HUGE FEATURES!


#3 Grow a Social Media Following Overnight

Every potential buyer needs to know that you are “legit”. They want to know that therein time and money is best spent with you than anywhere else. In this lesson I’ll cover how to use Public Relations to get MILLIONS of views, likes, and follows across all social media platforms!


#4 Boost Sales Through Instant Brand Recognition

If you’re tired of putting money behind ads that aren’t generating sales—this PR secret will show you how a good Public Relations Strategy can help at $0.00 ad spend. If you’re spending time on social media, yet have low engagement, and no sales—this PR secret will show you how brand recognition will instantly change this.


#5 How to Get Features WITHOUT a PR Agency

Do you know you need Public Relations, but are afraid of hiring a PR agency? No problem. In this lesson I’ll share how you can become your own publicist. For those of you wanting done for you help I’ll share how you can shave costs with PR Agencies and what to look for in the best way!

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Hey, I’m Coach T

After over a decade in entrepreneurship I’ve been landing top media features both nationally and internationally. In my coaching practice I’ve been able to help my clients do the same. While I am a partner with a Public relations agency, I understand that working with one may be difficult for new entrepreneurs.

I’ve decided to share what I know will help your business go from Unknown to Internationally Known in less than month!

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These Features have Resulted In:

  • $3 Million+ sales for myself and clients- without spending a single penny!
  • 967 Million organic views on our promotions
  • Reoccurring Paid Summit and Speaking Opportunities
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