The Lucrative PreLaunch: The Social Media Sales Funnel Program

The COMPLETE process for building an ORGANIC and CONSISTENT SALES funnel using social media!

The Lucrative PreLaunch: The Social Media Sales Funnel Program

The COMPLETE process for building an ORGANIC and CONSISTENT SALES funnel using social media!


Ready to claim your freedom by using social media to have a consistent sales funnel without paid ads!

This FREE course is your #1 way to do that.

Join us LIVE to build your Custom Funnel with US!

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In this FREE 3-Day Online Course You’ll Learn How To: 

✔️ Create a Social Media Sales Funnel WITHOUT Paid Ads!

✔️ Engage with your audience to FAST TRACK your Launch Cash Flow $$$$$ (Workbook Included)

✔️ Content Creation that MOVES Sales in any business


✔️ Step by Step Funnel for Rapid audience growth ORGANICALLY!Using Organic Social Media WITHOUT PAID ADS!

✔️ Get 3 Pillars of Pre-launching content that consistently attracts NEW CUSTOMERS! 


✔️ Bonus Session: Generating Target Leads that Buy Using HASHTAGS to CONVERT CLIENTS &( 300+ TOP IG Hashtags Worksheet)


✔️ Bonus Session: SELL your next Launch using TikTok (WITHOUT DANCING)

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Build a Behind the Scenes Social Media Sales Funnel that brings the FUN, CONFIDENCE, and CONSISTENT SALES back into your business....

The 3-day FREE Lucrative PRE-Launch Course 

3-Days of Training

with a 7 figure business (Coach T)

Prelaunch Templates,

Checklist, & Scripts

Coaching Demo with

Coach T



Bonus Training on IG Hashtags, Selling on Clubhouse, & Generating Leads Through TikTok


for Participants

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Get Access to ALL the Trainings + Workbook

It’s All Here For You: how to profitable launch, what launching content you need, pricing, packages, audience building, and more.

Plus: checklist, templates, coaching exercises, and step-by-step how to make spring boarding into profitable launching exciting for you.

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Why have a PRE Launch Social Media Sales Funnel ?

✔️ Create Content That Moves Sales
✔️ Build your Know, LOVE, and Trust
✔️ Garner Sales Conversation
✔️ Avoid Ads and Wasting Money
✔️ Get Testimonials and Reviews
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Who is Coach T?

Meet the undisputed authority in helping entrepreneurs scale by selling out before launching products and services without paid ads using THE LUCRATIVE PRELAUNCH METHOD™️

Business Strategist, Coach T, has been a serial entrepreneur for over a decade. Having started, scaled, and sold multiple business enterprises she has a knack for helping overworked entrepreneurs reach 7 Figure states in record breaking time. Coach T is a firm believer in creating organic social media strategies that propel service and product based businesses with massive results. The success of her methods has been featured on ABC, NBC, FOX, MSN,The Business Insider, Barcroft TV, and other leading international publications. 

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Springboard into Selling on Social Media with Ease

My Mission: Help Entrepreneurs

Have Impact In Income

What Entrepreneurs Say About This Training? 

"Already learned so much in the first lesson. For anyone Who is on the can do it alone and make so many mistakes and meet frustration or start learning how to stream income in a done-for-you system."

- Julia Chang

"I absolutely love the way you believe in each and every one of us and how you go so hard for our success!"

- Dennise Thomas

"Just signed on a high ticket client inside my group with Coach T's methods!"

- Olivia Hölgye

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